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The contributors

Mzilikazi wa Afrika, Les Aupiais, Elizabeth Barratt, Denis Beckett, Mike Behr, Guy Berger, Marcus Brewster, Matthew Buckland, Paddi Clay, Marilyn de Villiers, Alex Eliseev, Jennie Fourie, Harold Gess, Sue Hillyard, Sandeep Junnarkar, Francis Kasoma, Ernst Kotze , Gilbert Mokwatedi, Lize Odendal, Franz Kruger, Lizette Rabe, Truia Ralph, Elmari Rautenbach, Helge Ronning, Kerry Swift, Jonathan Shapiro, Herman Wasserman, Stephen Wrottesley, Andrea Weiss.


"One of the things I believe we should be doing is finding ways to improve everyone's knowledge of how the media functions, what it really is and why it is important for democracy. Writing for the Media explores this connection .... I hope this new edition makes it into the hands of every 'wannabe', every media department, and every public library..."
- Paddi Clay, Head of Programme: Johnnic Pearson Journalism Training

"The world is changing and the media can't be left behind... François Nel's third edition of Writing for the Media comes at the right time to match the tide and pace of the changes."
- Gilbert Mokwatedi, Tshwane University of Technology

"This is an invaluable resource'"
- Jennie Fourie, media trainer and co-organiser of the SA Publication Forum

"Just got your book. I was incredibly impressed at the depth and analysis of it. It really is an excellent text book. Thank you very much. It was a privilege to contribute."
- Matthew Buckland, Publisher: Mail & Guardian Online

"I received the book and I must congratulate you - it really is excellent! I'm proud to have made even such a tiny contribution to it."
- Marilyn de Villiers, Strategic Content Director, Citigate SA

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